Holistic Sustainable Designs & Lighting Solutions

Reducing negative impacts and light pollution on the environment

Lighting Design Simulations

Plan, calculate and visualize light for indoor and outdoor areas.

Lighting Project Management

We'll provide complete management of the project.

Lighting Supply & System Integration

We supply and support an extensive range of lighting systems.

Customization Of Lighting

We deliver lighting customization based on your idea, designs and requirements.

General / Ambient Lighting

The plan should be directed upon the purpose of the space and the needs of the users. General Lighting is the source that establishes the overall impression of a space and will be determined by the brightness level, light source and the light functionality. It must allow people to be able to perceive overall shapes and size of a space. Also as importantly to establish mood or character of an interior.

Task Lighting

Lighting that is specified for each task, such as reading or precision manufacturing. Our idea is to create a quality lighting environment which includes the appropriate balance of general lighting and task lighting. The illumination level that we normally propose for task lighting should be around 3 times more than the general lighting. This ratio will ensure minimum amount of adjustment in the eye’s lens.

We do customised task lighting as well which allows users the flexibility and control over the light’s intensity , providing appropriate illumination required for the duration of an activity. This will also reduce the glare , veiling reflections or shadows.

Accent Lighting

Lighting that is used to create interest and to highlight special features such as architectural details, artworks, decorations. Our design intention will be to bring focal attention to an object or onto the user’s interest , bringing excitement in an interior.

We will consider the location and aiming angle of the Accent Light to avoid direct glare to the eyes. A successful Accent Lighting will be able to create contrast and determining the right angle.

Smart Lighting Integration

Solutrust aims to integrate lighting infrastructures to every aspect of our lives, work, play and travel with the enabling of Smart Lighting services to improve our daily lives.

  • Growth Lighting Technology will be able to support the local Vegetation and Agricultural produce, by providing feasible lighting solutions for vertical & urban farming. We are able to custom the wave length, light spectrum and PPFDs to suit the different nature of the plant.
  • Smart Living incorporates every devices & appliances you have and allows preferences control which enhances the wellbeing , relaxations and safety. In Lightings, we aim to provide the full range of tuneable control to enable personalized outcome and adapting to the desired ambience.
  • Smart Adaptation enables artificial lightings to interface with the natural lighting. We adopt photocell Sensor technology to response accordingly to the natural lighting and mimicking the natural daylight.
  • Smart Connectivity connects our daily lives to our needs. In the foreseeable future, we will see more connectivity from the Luminaires that is able to perform data collection, detection of heat signatures, network connectivity , surveillance and communication. With lightings everywhere, the sky’s the limit when It comes to Lighting Connectivity Applications.

Distinct Lighting. Moving Forward.

International Standard Compliance

Our Lighting complies with International Safety Standards • Certifications : CE, ETL, FCC, EMC, SAA, RoHS, TUV. Test Reports are also available • TM-21, IP Report, IK Report, LM-80, LM-79

High Lifespan & High Lumen / Watt

Life Span • 50,000hrs. Lumen Efficiency • 100-150lm/watt

Warranty Support

Up to 5 year product warranty can be offered. For bulks, we offer free 1% spare to the client. For any projects that we are involved in, we hold 3% of spare standby for any sales support required.

Glare Control

We will advice the design of the luminaire location to be out of the vision field. Adding to it, we can customize our luminaires to be fitted with Shade, Baffle , Louvers or Honeycombs to further reduce the direct and discomfort glare.

Adaptive Design

Customizable CCT, Beam Angles, Luminaire Colour and Design


Customizable Accessories & Mounting to fit on any desired locations.

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