Design & Build Solutions

We solutionize Lighting related system built end to end for customers to easily implement. We provide unique solutions to meet the diversified need of the ever changing market.

Solar Integration

Enhances Energy Efficiency and provides Greener Environment. Our integration with Solar Panels enables the lighting to be self-sustainable and brings illumination to every part of the world.

Engineering Solutions

Our Team strives for Critical and Creative thinking for solving and providing engineering design. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive design view and value each project to bring analytical decision making to the client.

Green Energy Technology

With our strong capability in the Electrical Engineering field, we are also looking into Electric Charging Station, Sustainable Green Building Materials & Photovoltaic Technologies.

Our range of Lightings

Lighting Control System

LED Signage

LED Track Light

LED Downlight

LED Spotlight

LED Neon

LED Batten

LED Panel Light

LED Linear Light

Indoor Architectural Lighting

LED Pandent

LED Canopy

LED Highbay Light

LED Floodlight

LED Streetlight

LED Bollard

LED Step Light

Outdoor Accent Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Light

Outdoor Architectural Wall Light

LED Inground Linear

LED Inground

LED Underwater Spot

LED Fountain Light

LED Underwater Light

LED Solar Light

LED Wallwasher


LED Explosion

LED Growth